Who are the dark angels?

Dark angels were once angels who served under the guidance of God, but somehow sinned against Him so that the Archangels(an angel of greater than ordinary rank) cast them out.
However, their guilt was not bad enough to make them go to hell but bad enough that they could no longer live in Heaven. As a result, they are thrown into “the World of Action”, where they get a chance to go back for their guilt by killing the demons, but many are killed before they can for them to receive the status of angels.

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Are dark angles bad?
Dark angels, unlike normal angels, are more fierce, brutal, and cold in their actions. Whatever the action it may be that they are tasked with, they perform it with destructive tendencies and their results never cease to amaze other angels, even going so far as to install fear.
The difference between the Light and Dark Angels is that the Angels of Dark have got the free will like humans. If they have enough of people’s negativity and can’t take it anymore, they are allowed to come back to Light at any time. But normally they are very serious and meticulous about their task, strong, loyal, and too devoted to God to abandon their mission.
So Dark Angels neither bad nor good. They are the Angels on a Mission.

dark angel vs fallen angel
A dark angel is an angel who acts as a soldier of God and, despite their similarities in traits or characteristics, are different from fallen angels.
Dark angels are just angels of slightly lower vibrations that do the dirty work. They’re the angels of protection, justice, vengeance, death, and sorrow. They’re not evil, they just do what they need to do. They keep things balanced. Dark angels are the angels of free will. They’re the rebels, but everything they do is for the best interests of humanity. There are no fallen angels. Angels don’t exactly have a concept of what it means to “fall.” They’re very different from humans.

Dark Angels are angels with slightly lower vibrations that do the dirty work. They are angels of protection, justice, revenge, death, and pain. They are not bad, they just do what they have to do. Keep the balance. Dark angels are angels of free will. They are revolutionaries, but they work for the benefit of mankind. There are no fallen angels. The angels did not really know what it meant to “fall.” They are very different from humans.

Strengths and power of dark angels
Wings – All dark angels have a pair of black wings for flight and protection. However, if his wings cut off, he will never be able to escape or grow again.

True Forms – The real form of a dark angel, appear in different ways depending on the class. A person or a demon that tries to look directly at their true body becomes blind or even dead.

Androgynous – A Dark Angel’s true form lacks a defined gender. Whenever a Dark Angel adopts a human form, they must pick a gender for their temporary body.

Enhanced Strength – Dark Angels have greater strength than humans and most demons.

Enhanced Stamina – Dark Angels never feel tier and do not need sleep.

Immunity – Dark Angels have immune to most things that would kill a demon. This includes Holy Water, demon killing bullets, blessed silver, etc.

Immortality – Dark Angels can be killed, but they never age, become sick, tire, or hunger.

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