what are the 4 types of angels?

what are the 4 types of angels? An angel is a celestial being mentioned in various religions. Some are considered light angels and others are dark angels. There are 4 types of angles according to the bible. They are,

But the total number of species in the four groups represents only a small fraction of obedient spirits. In this article, we only focus on these four types of angles and you can know all of the information about those creatures.


what are the 4 types of angels

Archangels are high-ranking angels. The word “archangel” itself is usually associated with Abrahamic religions, but a creature very similar to an archangel can be found in many religious traditions.

Michael and Gabriel are known as the Archangels in Judaism, Islam, and many other religions. Some Protestants see Michael as the only archangel. Raphael, mentioned in the “Deuterocanonical Book of Tobit”, was also recognized as the main angel in the Catholic and Orthodox churches.  Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael were honored in the Roman Catholic Church on September 29 (between 1921 and 1969, March 24 for Gabriel and October 24 for Raphael) and in the Orthodox Catholic Church on November 8. The archangels mentioned in Islam are Jibrael, Michael, Israfil, and Azrael. Like the Book of Enoch, Jewish literature speaks of Metatron as an archangel who has been described as “the highest among angels,” but this angel is not accepted as canonical in all religions.

Some branches of the various religions have identified a group of seven archangels, but the named angels are different, depending on where they come from. Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael are always stated; the other archangels are different, but usually, Uriel, mentioned in “2 Esdra”.

In “Zoroastrianism”, the sacred texts refer to the six great “Amesh Spenta” from “Ahura Mazda”

The Cherubim,

A cherub is one of the unearthly beings who directly attend to God, according to Abrahamic religions. The numerous depictions of cherubim assign to them many different roles, such as protecting the entrance of the “Garden of Eden”.

According to the religions of Abraham, Cherubim is one of the strangers who directly dedicated himself to God. Many depictions of angels assign them many different roles, such as guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden.

In the Jewish angelic hierarchy, cherubim have the ninth (second lowest) rank in the Torah of the Maimonides Mouse (12th century) and the third in Kabbalistic works such as Berit Menuche (14th century). De Coelestia Hierarchy places them in the highest rank, along with Seraphim and the Thrones.

In the book of Ezekiel and (at least in some) Christian icons, the cherub is described as a pair with two pairs of wings and four faces: a lion (representing all wild animals), a deer (pets), man (humanity) and eagle (birds). Her legs were straight, her legs were like bulls and they shone like polished bronze. Later, the tradition gives them a physical appearance. Some of the early Midrash literature is considered extracorporeal. In the Western Christian tradition, cherubs are associated with a putt (derived from the classic Cupid / Eros), leading to the description of cherubs as small, plump, and winged boys.

In Islam, cherubim are angels closest to God. Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall called Ruh one of the noblest cherubs. Others are bearers of thrones or archangels. There are seven cherubim in Ismailism compared to seven archangels.

The Seraphim,

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A seraph is a type of celestial or heavenly being originating in Ancient Judaism. The term plays a role in subsequent Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The singular “seraph” is a back-formation from the Hebrew plural-form ‘seraphim’, whereas in Hebrew the singular is ‘saraph’.

Seraphim is a celestial or heavenly species derived from ancient Judaism. This term plays a role in later Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The singular “seraph” is the later formation of the Hebrew plural “seraphim”, while in Hebrew it is the singular “saraph”.

Tradition places the highest angel in the highest position in the Christian and the fifth in the hierarchy of Jewish angels. In an excerpt from a lecture in the Book of Isaiah (Isaiah 6: 1-8), this term was used to shout “holy, holy, holy” from the creatures with six wings flying around God’s throne. With three invocations of holiness, the vision of this throne had a significant impact on god, literature, and art. Its effects are often seen in works depicting angels or apotheosis. Seraphim are described as celestial beings in the influential Hellenistic work, Enoch’s book, and the book of revelation.

The Four Living Creatures,

Ezekiel’s vision of the four living creatures in chapter 1 is described in chapter 10 as cherubs, carriers of the throne of God. Cherubim are known throughout the Old East as little guardians of the gods of the thresholds of temples or palaces. Ezekiel has four faces, each with an angel; man, lion, ox, and eagle. However, their man-shaped appearance distinguishes them from the griffon-like angels and lamas of Babylon and Assyria. Ezekiel’s angels do not have to rotate in terms of their ability to move because they look at all points of the compass at once. This definition of movement differs from the strong melodies in the vision of Isaiah (Isaiah 6: 2), who has other wings for his ability to fly.

Final thoughts

Here we deeply discuss 4 types of angles and how they are mentioned in different branches of religion. However, this is not the only way to categorize angels and there are a lot of ways to categorized angels such as 9 types of angels or three main spheres of angels.

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