Cheerful Moon Gazing

Moon Gazing

For many of us, our first learning experience about celestial bodies begins when we see the first full moon in the sky. It is an elegant sight, even with the naked eye. When the night is clear, you can see incredible details on the moon’s surface just by looking at your garden.

When you fall in love with astronomy, you will of course discover that many celestial bodies are fascinating. But the moon always is our first love, because it is the only distant space object that has the unique difference of flying close to the earth and that man has walked on.

Your study of the moon can go from simple to more complex like any study. To gaze at the moon with the naked eye makes you more familiar with the lunar map. It helps you to see the seas, craters, and other geographical objects.  It is worth buying a moon map for your interesting investigation. That can easily buy from any astronomy shop or online.

The best time to see the moon is of course at night when there are few clouds and the weather contributes to a long and lasting study. The first quarter provides the most detailed study. And do not be fooled, but erase the moon when you are not in the full moon stage. The phenomenon is known as “earth glow” also allows you to see the dark part of the moon in detail, even if the moon is only in a quarter or half of the image. To take it to the next level a good pair of binoculars can greatly help you.  To take advantage of it, get a good wide field in the binocular settings so you can take in the lunar landscape in all its beauty.  And you have to consider that it is almost impossible to hold the binoculars still for the length of time you will want to gaze at this magnificent object in space, you may want to add to your equipment arsenal a good tripod that you can affix the binoculars to so you can study the moon in comfort and with a stable viewing platform.

To expand your lunar worship, lifting your equipment to a good starter telescope will reveal the most impressive details on the lunar surface. Each of these will increase, your knowledge and the depth and scope of what you can see geometrically. For many amateur astronomers, we can sometimes not get enough of what we can see in our nearest space object.

To take it to the natural level, you may want to take advantage of partnerships with other astronomers or visit one of the truly great telescopes assembled by professionals who have invested in better techniques to eliminate atmospheric disturbances and see the moon even better. The Internet can provide access to Hubble and many of the huge telescopes that point to the moon all the time. Many astronomy clubs also work on combining multiple telescopes, carefully synchronized with computers, to get the best view of the lunar landscape.

Being part of the community of dedicated amateur astronomers gives you access to these organized efforts to reach new levels in our ability to study the moon of the earth. And it will give you colleagues and friends who share your passion for astronomy and who can share their experiences and areas of expertise as you search for where to look next in the huge night sky, at the moon, and beyond it in your quest for knowledge about the seeming infinity universe above us

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