12+ Best Mustang quotes

Mustang is an American car made by Ford Motor Company. It has a very unique look and performance. With the corporation of American race car driver Carroll Shelby Ford company made a high-performance variant “Shelby Mustang”. We can see how popular this beast by it still produces continuously since 1964. So we make a post with the best mustang quotes with images. You can use them for captions or posts on social media like Instagram or Facebook.

Mustang quotes

mustang quotes 5

It is not just a car. It is a Mustang

mustang quotes 3

Mustang – a revolution in Muscle cars

mustang quotes 9

Want to feel the thrill? Just drive a Mustang

mustang quotes 10

Keep Calm and Drive a Mustang

mustang quotes 7

I don’t always race, but when I do. I drive a Ford Mustang

mustang quotes 1

Live the ponygirl life and drive a mustang

mustang quotes 8

Nothing comes between a boy and his muscle Mustang

mustang quotes 6

Why pull out of driveway sideways? Because I own Shelby Ford Mustang

mustang quotes 2

Bad Ass Girls Drive Bad Ass Toys

mustang quotes 4

Front of Mustang always feels like threatening other sports cars

mustang quotes 12

They say money can’t buy happiness, but I see Mustang in front of me

mustang quotes 11

He asked if my Mustang was fast. Hell yeah! It is a fast DUMBASS!!

mustang quotes 13

I can’t keep calm. I drive a Ford Mustang

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